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Why Should You Buy Organic Products?

Organic products have been getting a lot of buzz in Pakistan.

But do these products really work? Are these made from 100% natural ingredients?

These are the questions that many people ask before buying and this guide is all about answering those queries.

What does “Organic” mean?

The term “organic” means pure – made without chemicals. For organic foods, it refers to the way agricultural products are grown and processed. The crops are grown without the use of synthetic herbicides, fertilizers, pesticides, or bioengineered genes.

In contrast, organic personal care products like essential oils, cosmetics, haircare, edible oils, etc. are made from original plant extracts and are 100% pure and natural. They are made either by cold-pressed or distillation method. These products must contain at least 95% organic ingredients with no synthetic antibiotics, pesticides, and other synthetic ingredients.

Types Of Organic Products

Their types include organic food items, organic clothing, and other personal care essentials. They can make a positive impact on your overall health, beauty, and well-being as long as you use them consistently.

1. Organic Food Products

Organic food producers and farmers grow food products without using synthetic chemicals like artificial fertilizers, additives, pesticides, and other chemical residues. They do not expose food to irradiation or use genetically modified (GM) components. Many doctors and nutritionists emphasize the fact that organic produce is ideal and healthier.

2. Organic Clothing Products

Organic clothing is produced with all-natural, and non-synthetic materials. This organic agriculture movement revolves around farming and processing that work with nature and minimizes soil, air, and water pollution. Organic clothing material comes from plants that are not radiated and treated with synthetic or chemical pesticides. All the clothing products labelled organic have to meet the national standards set up by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

3. Organic Personal Care Products

The personal care industry is strongly following the mantra, that says “less is more”, signifying a shift towards organic ingredients and shunning the use of chemicals. Organic personal care products mainly comprise plant ingredients and are free from harmful chemicals like parabens, aluminium salts, petrochemicals, and phthalates.

Today, nearly 70% of personal care products are organically made; these include cosmetics, haircare, skincare, and oral care.

8 Reasons To Buy Organic Products

1. Natural & Safe

One of the top reasons for using organic products is that they are natural and safe. These products are produced from naturally-obtained ingredients and contain minimal chemicals. Hence, they are safe to use. With their easy availability and numerous benefits, the use of organic products in Pakistan is going mainstream.

2. Protects Your Health

These products are made from removing harmful chemicals from your food. These are eco-conscious options that support organic farming, reduce fossil fuel, and improve water and air quality. Studies show that organically grown food and products made from them have higher amounts of nutrients and antioxidants that are vital healthy functioning of our bodies.

3. Organic is Better for the Environment

Organic certification ensures crops are grown by protecting natural resources, using approved substances, and conserving biodiversity without synthetic chemicals. Moreover, its practices involve less soil erosion, pollution, and energy. Eliminating the use of pesticides and fertilizers also benefits the herds of animals and birds who live nearby.

4. No GMOs

GMOs - Genetically Modified Organisms are created through the process of genetic engineering. It is a technology that takes DNA from one organism and plants it into another, creating a variety of animals and plants that wouldn’t be found in nature. It is prohibited in the production of organic products due to its environmental and health repercussions. Organic farmers can’t plant GMO seeds, organic livestock cannot eat GMO feed, and organic food products are free of GMO ingredients.

5. No Animal Cruelty

Animals raised using organic methods are treated with respect and humanely. For example, cows are not confined to feedlots and chickens are free-range. Animals are not induced with growth-regulating drugs, antibiotics, steroids, or hormones. Organic farming is concerned with protecting animals, the environment, and working in harmony with natural ecosystems.

Moreover, consumers are increasingly becoming conscious of cruelty-free makeup products. Animal activists and millennials are promoting the welfare of animals by shifting to organic cosmetic products manufactured with chemical-free, natural ingredients.

6. No Side Effects

Organic products have a significant impact on your emotional and mental health as well as the environment. This is because they come from nature and have been used for centuries. Though its improper use may cause severe adverse reactions, it must be stored and used according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

7. Long-lasting Results

They are well-known for their reliable and long-lasting impact. Conventional products may give you desired results overnight, but they may not be long-lasting. However, this is not the case with organic products. Though the results are gradual and slow, they are long-lasting.

8. Supports Small Farmers

Organic agriculture is a promising alternative for small farmers. It comprises a farm system that is in harmony with the local environment, includes practices to achieve productivity as well as nurture ecosystems, with minimal use of synthetic chemicals. Some of the approaches include crop rotation, soil conservation, and the use of green manure. This system concentrates on low-cost technology, traditional resources, and local resources.

Organic farming in Pakistan is a way out of poverty for many small farmers.

Organic farming generates higher revenues because the products produced organically secure higher prices in the market. It holds the promise for lifting small farmers out of poverty, while reducing migration, improving the environment and health conditions for entire communities.

How to Buy Organic Products?

Once you've made up your mind to buy organic products, you should consider these things in mind before buying as there are many fake labels in the market disguised as organic.

1. Don’t Trust Buzzwords

Just because it is obtained from a plant does not mean it is safe to breathe, or eat, even if it is pure. Natural substances can be toxic, irritating, or cause allergic reactions. Especially, if you are buying organic skincare and haircare products. The best possible way to try something new on your hair or skin is to test a little bit on a small area and see how your skin responds. Your skin might love essential oils. But if it doesn’t, you will notice a bump, a rash, or just itchiness. So, take a break because more of the same product can make it worse.

2. Check Organic Label

USDA-certified organic products are grown and processed on soil that is free of prohibited substances like synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. It also includes regulations that require the raising of animals in accommodation with natural behaviours, 100% organic feed, forage, and prohibition of administered antibiotics and hormone usage.

The packaging must indicate they are “made with organic ingredients” - contain at least 95% organically produced ingredients. You can look for the identity of the certifier for verification that the organic product meets USDA’s standards. The USDA organic label empowers consumers to make informed decisions with the assurance that the products are verified organic in all steps between the farm and the store.

Always choose the producers that:

  • Mention the plant’s botanical name.
  • Extract oils through the cold-pressing and distillation process.
  • Specify organic ingredient listings.

3. Go For Cold-pressed or Minimally Processed Oils

Pick oils that are not blended with synthetic oils. Always search for the label that says “minimally processed”, “cold-pressed”, or "virgin" to understand the extraction method. Cold-pressed oils retain their unrefined healthy antioxidants when pressed at a lower temperature. They are typically packed with vitamin E and have the lowest level of saturated fat of any oil, which protects cell membranes and helps to maintain healthy skin and eyes. The ideal balance of Omega-3 and 6 is good news too. It plays an important role in brain functioning and development.

Things To Consider When Using Organic Skincare Products

Organic skincare products are always safe to use but sometimes they may cause irritation to sensitive skin. So, be careful while applying them to your skin. Consider the following points in mind.

1. Don’t Apply on Damaged Skin

Inflamed or injured skin absorbs more oil and may cause unwanted skin reactions. Even pure and natural organic products can be dangerous on damaged skin.

2. Store Them Safely

Organic foods and oils can cause serious health problems if used in the wrong way. Store them in a cool, dry place.

3. Toss Out Older Products

Don’t keep them for more than three years, especially organic oils. They are more likely to be spoiled due to exposure to oxygen. They could irritate your scalp, skin or cause allergic reactions. If you observe a significant change in how an oil looks, smells, or feels, you should throw it out because it is probably spoiled.

Do You Think Organic Products Are Pricey? Here’s Why.

Organic production practices are costlier and time-consuming, but the love and care that goes into the whole process from farming to processing and selling are well worth the investment. Plus, the benefits you get from using organic products are exemplary.

Today, many brands sell organic products in Pakistan. They are a chemical-free, affordable, and sustainable option to improve the quality of life without any side effects. Considering the increasing demand,  Organico is on the mission to serve you. We offer affordable organic products in Pakistan in haircare, skincare, and health category that are made from naturally-sourced ingredients. Packing your shopping cart with certified organic products means a lot for us and it helps grow the organic marketplace in Pakistan.


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